Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students (listed alphabetically by last name)

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Meghan Failor, M.S. Tree Canopy Cover and Land Development Policies.

Past Graduate Students (listed alphabetically by last name)

Alexis Alvey, M.S. 2007. Efficacy and Effect of Tree Stabilization Systems On Landscape Tree Growth and Establishment.

Sarah Anetrella, OMALS. 2016. Program Effectiveness of Community Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee for Homeless and Low Income Populations. 

Ethan Apisa, M.F. 2022. Tree Performance in a Gravel Bed Bioretention System.

Kelley (Arbogast) Wagner, M.S. 2005. Attitudes Toward and the Influence of Vegetation on Elementary School Grounds in Virginia.

Julia Bartens, Ph.D. 2010. Development of Urban Tree Growth Models Based on Site and Soil Characteristics. M.S. Horticulture 2006. Trees and structural soil as a stormwater management system in urban settings.

Priscilla J. (Bocskor) Plumb, M.S. Forestry 2010. Shade, moisture, and woody vegetation in stormwater management basins: Influence on cattail (Typha spp.) growth and persistence.

Chad Campbell, M.S. 2012. Soil Carbon Dynamics in Lawns Converted From Appalachian Mixed Oak Stands.

Yujuan Chen, Ph.D. 2013. The Influence of Urban Soil Rehabilitation on Soil Carbon Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emission, and Stormwater Mitigation.

Brittany Christensen, M.F. 2023. Identifying Key Challenges and Opportunities in Urban and Community Forestry in California: Insights from California Practitioners.

Fran de la Mota, Ph.D. 2018. Water Fluxes in Soil-Pavement Systems: Integrating Trees, Soils and Infrastructure. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 2018 publication

Jordan Endahl. M.S. 2015. Urban Forest Waste Generation and Utilization by Municipal and Private Arboricultural Operations in Virginia.

Danielle Gift, M.S. 2009. Earthworms in the Urban Environment: Can Population Augmentation Improve Urban Soil Properties?

Alex Grieve. M.S. 2016. Urban Street Trees as a Potential Source of Timber in Washington, D.C.

Won Hwang, Ph.D. 2015. Investigating the Impact of Urban Tree Planting Strategies for Shade and Residential Energy Conservation.

Joe Hoffman, M.F. 2009. A Syllabus-based Review of Collegiate Arboriculture Course Content in the United States.

Chris Jones, M.F. 2009. Japanese Garden Inventory and Management Plan for Maymont Park – Richmond, VA.

Cene Ketcham. M.S. 2015. Influence of Tree Planting Program Characteristics on Environmental Justice Outcomes.

Lele Kimball. M.S. 2014. Urban Tree Canopy Assessments in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Rachel Layman, M.S. Horticulture 2010.  The effect of soil rehabilitation of severely compacted urban soils to optimize tree establishment and growth.

Jon Matiuk. M.F. 2016. Reducing the Conflict between Trees and Overhead Utility Lines through Public Awareness and Education.

Jennifer (Otey) McKee, M.F. 2007. GIS Applications in Urban Tree Inventory.

David K. Mitchell, M.S. 2014. Urban landscape management practices as tools for stormwater mitigation by trees and soils.

Keith O’Herrin. Ph.D. 2016. Urban Forestry at a Crossroads: Development of an Emerging Profession.

Mason Patterson, M.S. 2012. Standardization of Street Sampling Units to Improve Street Tree Population Estimates Derived by I-Tree Streets Inventory Software.

Michael Pavlis, M.S. 2007.  The Effects of Pruning on Wind Resistance of Shade Trees.

Jason Sprouls, M.F. 2020. Growing Trees in a Gravel Bed Stormwater Retention System as a Novel Approach to Stormwater Management in Urban Sites

Pete Stewart, M.S. 2019. Characteristics and Perceptions of Cost-share Funding for Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation in Virginia Urban Areas.

Kate Walker. M.F. 2015. Designing an Urban Forest Inventory System for a Small Municipality: A Case Study of Falls Church, Virginia.

Rodney Walters. M.F. 2016. Stewardship Plan for Virginia Tech’s Old-Growth Forest near Lane Stadium.

William West, M.F. 2010. Identifying Impediments to Completing an Urban Forest Canopy Assessment in Municipalities in the State of Virginia

James Wood, M.S. 1999. Tree Inventories and GIS in Urban Forestry.

Bill Worrell, M.F. 2010. Landscape Tree Inventory and Management Plan for the United Company Corporate Campus, Bristol, Virginia.

Tyler Wright, M.S. 2011. An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) on Virginia’s Municipal Street Trees.